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Aerospace & Aviation Industry Opportunities

Photo Attributes to Xinhua News

While defense and security industries are known for their politicized nature, the Aerospace sector in China offers promising collaboration opportunities for foreign companies. China’s Aerospace industry, stemming from its National Defense sector and nurtured by top aviation universities, showcases considerable potential.

Despite an extensive high-speed train network, China’s civil aviation industry faces the imperative to expand rapidly due to its vast continental expanse. Projections indicate a 10% annual growth in air transport demand over the next two decades, accompanied by substantial government investment, an expected $64 billion, into airport infrastructure. This will catalyze an impressive upswing, encompassing 4,583 commercial airliners.

China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) emphasizes aviation’s development, spanning airport construction, aviation equipment manufacturing, and general aviation.

Notably, Professor Dennis Scott highlights abundant funding and practical benefits available for China-based initiatives, underscored by tax revenues and IP creation (source: Royal Aeronautical Society).

With over two decades of market experience, we echo the optimism surrounding aerospace-related opportunities for foreign firms. Our team members have been pivotal in significant aviation projects. For instance, we contributed to Safran’s Suzhou expansion, facilitated GE Aviation and Safran’s engine joint venture via the COMAC NUAA alumni network, and orchestrated numerous site selection projects in China’s aviation sector. Our involvement spans supporting over 20 Chinese aviation companies in overseas purchasing missions, M&A projects, and market analyses.

ALGLORY’s unmatched access to China’s aerospace landscape, profound industry supply chain insights, extensive project management proficiency, and regular participation in major air shows like the Zhuhai Air Show set us apart. Amid the pandemic, our engagement persists through seminars, webinars, and ongoing dialogues.

Our proven track record and distinct positioning make ALGLORY an unrivaled consultant for aerospace endeavors.