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In the past, many multi-national and some small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have invested into China with a sales entity or manufacturing plant for the global market as well as the local market. It is because China is with relative conservative and complex business culture and you need a local office and Chinese staff when you enter the market. Finding a distributor alone usually does not work in this more matured and fiercely competitive market. Now with rising labor cost, market barriers, trade wars and a pandemic, more obstacles are created for SMEs to enter the market if you don’t have experienced team to follow up your leads generated and solve ongoing problems the customers are requesting, thus made you loose the opportunities and time to sale better into the second largest market.

But to establish a subsidiary or legal entity in China, the cost would include but not limited to registration, accountant, rent, recruitment, salary, social warefare, utilities and other operational cost that usually is a timing consuming and big investment for SMEs before you see good market sales as profits. Therefore, similarly to Business Process Outsourcing, we propose you the key sales service outsourcing of marketing, sales, technical and operational support to our office, which is lower cost, less administration and regulatory hurdles. Plus, we always guarantee the results with transparency on this lean operation solution to help you sale into the market faster, easier than you do by yourself.

How does it work?

The service is provided as we run your China liaison office for your company under contract. For example, we name the liaison office under your name, and create your businesscard as China office. We will do all the marketing and sales activities on behalf of you in China, including the distribution channel development, sales development, manage the customer relationship, pre and post sales services and technical support on the ground. While engaging into our service, we work based on the market research findings and our practical experience to determine the market strategy as approved by your management. During implementation of the strategy, we report monthly and annually in transparency and reviews to adjust accordingly.

For best promotion of your sales strategy into China market, we usually assign one manager and one sales executive dedicated to your business. The professional fee is quoted based on the sales person’s working hours per month plus the commission as agreed, it also inclusive of office rent, phones, administration support, computers, utilities, and salaries. The business development cost such as transportation, accommodation and marketing fee are charged separately.

We provide flexible solutions in terms of timeline of the sales rep office

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