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The country’s e-retailing market is worth 2 trillion USD by year 2021, more than America’s and Europe’s combined. For consumer related products, e-commerce is a must option to be evaluated for most exporters. The rise of e-commerce in China is resetting the rules for export and trade. But the fast development of e-commerce in China and the whole eco-system is very different from the rest of the world. Thus, exporters are highly recommended to work with local partners to implement the digital sales strategy.

E-commerce Support in China-Advantages

The China’s import e-commerce has developed from purchasing agent ear to the more matured cross-border supply chain in the last two decades. It is important for exporters to China to understand which platform is a better fit among many choices such as Tmall International, JD Worldwide, Suning International, Xiao Hongshu, Koala, Mia, VIP shop, Jumei etc. Or utilize the social media channel for sales and marketing. <br>

Given the complexity to utilize e-commerce strategy in China, if compared with a few dominated platforms in other countries you may known, cross-border e-commerce solution in China provide exporters with the easier entry in regulatory requests and lower cost solution in general, to sell into China via online platforms is at a very advantageous status.


Our firm provides the wide range of services for your e-commerce strategy, find a right platform, registration for your shop, product display and decoration of the online shop, translation and adaptation of product description, warehousing solutions and online marketing that you might need for your online business in China.

1, Regulation Research

Before exporting into China through online channels, it is recommended that you understand the trade regulations including restriction, application form, customs clearance, necessary documents, etc. to verify the feasibility of importing your products to China. The cross-border e-commerce solution require less on the products labeling and descriptions in general, our firm conducts the research and will verify with the approval authorities for the most updated information on your behalf.

2, Importing Support

You could use either your nearby warehouse or the China local bonded warehouse for the product that you will ship to China. We could help you to identify the service provider on the logistics. In any case, you will need to assign an importer and agent to process the import procedure and we will connect you with the qualified service providers or provide the service by us.

3, Establish your Business

We help you to understand and choose the platform that suites your product, select the type of online store you want to strart (eg. brand flagship, franchise store, exclusive store, POP etc.), analyze the cost and help you to file and obtain the account number on your behalf. When needed, we help you to localize the store with product descriptions under regulations of China or decorate the store as you required.

4, Store Operational Service and Marketing

We recommend you to outsource managing your product/store on the platforms to our firm. We could improve continuously the product demonstration for better exposure and operate the store under the ads regulations on your behalf. Or connect you with other trade promotion agencies for the related services. We also provide multi-level marketing services, especially for your application of China social media such as wechat official account, weibo etc.


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